cScheduledTask.SetTeams Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.cScheduledTask

Sets the teams required for the task.

Remarks: Designed for VB6/VBA users, but can also be used in .NET. Alternatively, .NET users can use the Teams() property in the class to get or set the teams.


.SetTeams(ByRef arr())



Required as TeamInfo. An array of the team IDs for the task.



 'Declare a new Repository object and connect to a repository. 
  Dim MyRepository As New Repository
 'Set the IDs for existing crews 
  Dim CrewIDs() As Long
  ReDim CrewIDs(2)
  CrewIDs(0) = 1
  CrewIDs(1) = 4
  CrewIDs(2) = 5
 'Create instance of TeamInfo. 
  Dim Team1 As New TeamInfo
 'Set the crew IDs for Team1. 
  Call Team1.SetCrewIDS(CrewIDs)

 'Do the same for another team. 
  ReDim CrewIDs(3)
  CrewIDs(0) = 3
  CrewIDs(1) = 7
  CrewIDs(2) = 8
  CrewIDs(3) = 9
 'Create instance of TeamInfo. 
  Dim Team2 As New TeamInfo
 'Set the crew IDs for Team2. 
  Call Team2.SetCrewIDS(CrewIDs)

 'Get a particular task with ID of 2 from repository. 
  Dim aTask As cScheduledTask
  Set aTask = MyRespository.Task.GetScheduledTask(2)

 'Put the teams previously created into array. 
  Dim Teams(1) As TeamInfo
  Set Teams(0) = Team1
  Set Teams(1) = Team2

 'Assign teams to the task. 
  Call Task.SetTeams(Teams)