1-Parameter Weibull Example

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Weibull++ Standard Folio Data 1P-Weibull

Six prototypes of a system were tested. The failure times are 16, 34, 53, 75, 93 and 120. Due to the small sample size, the 1P-Weibull distribution is chosen to model the data. According to previous similar products, the slope parameter [math]\beta [/math] is 1.5.


Choose the 1P-Weibull distribution in Weibull++ and calculate it, the results are given below.

  • Estimated model parameters:
1P Weibull Parameters.png
  • Probability plot:
1P Weibull PPlot.png
  • Use the QCP to predict reliability:
1P Weibull QCP.png

The QCP shows that the reliability at 15 hours is 0.9054, and its two-sided confidence bounds at a confidence level of 90% are 0.7619 and 0.9644.