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As a supplement to the reference book, the Weibull++ examples collection provides quick access to a variety of step-by-step examples that demonstrate how you can put the capabilities of Weibull++ to work for you. Some of these examples also appear in the reference book. Others have been published in other locations, such as www.ReliaSoft.com.

Template Documentation

This template is used on the index page of all reference books.


By default, the template will link to the Weibull++ reference book, but you can customize the template to link to any other books.

Example 1

To add the footer to a Weibull++ page, insert the following code at the bottom of the article/page:

{{Template:Allbooksindex footer}}

Example 2

To add the footer to any other books, type the following:

{{Template:Allbooksindex footer|1|2}}

where: 1 = is the name of the examples page, and 2 = is the name of the software. For example, to customize the template for ALTA, you would type the following:

{{Template:Allbooksindex footer|ALTA Examples|ALTA}}

The correct spelling of the existing example pages are listed below for your convenience.

  • Weibull++ Examples
  • ALTA Examples
  • BlockSim Examples