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Template Documentation

This template creates a <div> box with a non-fixed height and width. It is specifically used to create the navigational grid on the main page of ReliaWiki.com.

Below is an example of a box that could be created from this template. In this case, the box spans the entire width of the screen. With additional coding on your part, you can customize the width or position of the box on your page (see Example 2 below for an example on how this can be done).

Red triangle.png

Reliability Growth and Repairable System Analysis


This template has the following parameters:

  • image = The filename of the graphic that represents the analysis/software. The size must be 35px.
  • title = The title of the box.
  • links = The navigational links you want inserted into the box. Please use the Template:TitleBoxLink template to populate this parameter. The TitleBoxLink template has two parameters:
  • link = The name of the wiki page to link to.
  • text = The anchor text for the link.

To use the TitleBox template, copy and paste the following code to your page, and then define the parameters. To add or remove links from the box, duplicate or remove the {{TitleBoxLink|link= |text= }} rows as needed.

{{TitleBoxLink|link= |text= }}
{{TitleBoxLink|link= |text= }}

Example 1

The following code shows an example of the parameters you might use for a Weibull++ box. (See the Notes section at the end of this doc for a list of suggested values for the image parameter.)

|title=Life Data Analysis
{{TitleBoxLink|link=Life Data Analysis Reference|text=Reference Book}}
{{TitleBoxLink|link=Weibull++_Examples|text=Weibull++ Software Examples}}

The output of the above code is as follows:

Blue triangle.png

Life Data Analysis

Example 2

The following example demonstrates how you might control the width of a box. In this case, you would create a <div> wrapper that specifies the width.

<!--Div Wrapper-->
<div style="position:relative; float:left; width:49%; margin:5px;">
<!--Start of Template-->
|title=Experiment Design and Analysis (DOE)
{{TitleBoxLink|link=Experiment_Design_and_Analysis_Reference|text=Reference Book}}
{{TitleBoxLink|link=DOE_Reference_Examples|text=DOE++ Software Examples}}


The output of the above code is as follows:

Doe triangle.png

Experiment Design and Analysis (DOE)


The following list shows the suggested filenames for the image parameter.

Software/Analysis Image
Weibull++ blue_triangle.png
ALTA yellow_triangle.png
DOE++ doe_triangle.png
BlockSim green_triangle.png
RGA red_triangle.png
RCM rcm_triangle.png
XFMEA fmea_triangle.png
API api_triangle.png